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    "Peruvian Independence Day Parade"
    Paterson, New Jersey
    July 2014

    paterson peruvians, mi familia<3

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    Anderson Desir, 9, shares a dream with many boys his age in the Dominican Republic: He wants to grow up and play baseball in la liga grande, otherwise known as American Major League Baseball.

    But there’s an important difference between Anderson and the 80 Dominican kids from his summer baseball league in San Pedro de Macoris: Anderson is Haitian.

    In a controversial decision last year, the Dominican Constitutional Court ruled that those born in the country are not citizens unless at least one parent is a legal resident.

    The decision could cause problems for Haitians living in the Dominican Republic, like Anderson, whose parents brought him here from Haiti shortly after he was born. However, the ruling especially affects an estimated 250,000 Haitian descendants born in the Dominican Republic, including Anderson’s two siblings — his sister Rosaura, 6, and his brother Mickael, 2.

    Who’s A Citizen? The Question Dividing The Island Of Hispaniola

    Photo Credit: Sarah Tilotta for NPR

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    Welcome Home!
    from NAIA Terminal 3
    16 August 2014
    #NAIA #NAIATerminal3 #Terminal3 #welcomehome #goodmowningPinas #iamHome #balikbayan #shortvacation #vacation #T3

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    Footscray 22/9/13

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    Turkish market

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    Displaced people, who fled from the violence in the province of Nineveh, arrive at Sulaimaniya province, Iraq, August 8, 2014. REUTERS/Stringer

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    "What are your hopes for them?"
    "We left our hopes back in Syria."
    (Zaatari Refugee Camp, Jordan)

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    Jackson Heights - Roosevelt Avenue Station, E, F or R Train, Uptown Platform, Structural Detail, Vendor Kiosk 2014.08.09

    Source: NYC Subway Rider